Discourse - Topic Categories Now Showing?

Did something change in the forum software? There have always been topic/thread tags in different colors, but it seems like they are now showing on their own ‘line’ and taking up a bunch of space on the screen. Is it my imagination or am I in some kind of Vo2 Max induced fog?

It’s ugly, that’s for sure.


Agree, it’s a bit distracting. I feel like it’s the big red number that used to be telling us **YOU HAVE REFERRALS

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Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of this new look. Feels clumsy.


Dont like it either.

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It’s fairly distracting when what should be the sub heading hogs the limelight in big bold colours :open_mouth:

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Can you share a screenshot?
What interface & device?

I’m not sure I am getting the same experience.


Windows 10, Chrome. Also in Firefox.

iPhone Safari and Chrome look fine.

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Mac, Chrome

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Apple Mac / Safari browser

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Awesome. Thanks guys.

I will check my PC on Chrome and Firefox this AM.

Its deffo doing it on Chrome! Im on desktop and its a bit pony for sure!


Mac/Chrome here – as shown in other folks screenshots.

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On PC/Chrome I get the same results as the other posters

On Mobile/Android it hasn’t changed

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Same as above on PC with Chrome and Firefox. Wasted space and not a fan of this arrangement.

I think I like the intent, but not the implementation. Might be better as a “dot” lead in front of or behind the text.

But underneath just results in wasting space.

We’ll get this fixed soon, I don’t know what happened for them to show.


Fixed! :tada:

Discourse updates the software pretty often, looks like the last update didn’t play nice with our styles. Our team just fixed it!


Much better :+1: