Forum Feature Request: Only Show Threads with Unread Messages + Taptalk Integration

Two feature requests for improving the Forum experience:

  1. Add the ability to only show threads with messages I haven’t read
  2. Add the ability to access the forums via Taptalk mobile app

Tapatalk integration would be awesome!!

  1. You can do a version of this right now.
    • On Mobile: Tap the 3-bar “hamburger” at the top right, and then tap “Unread” from the list.
    • On Desktop: I think it’s similar, but not able to verify right now.

It works for Desktop the same way :+1:

As for Tapatalk integration, I am not sure what this would entail on the Development end, but I will pass your suggestion onto the team.

Edit: Tapatalk is a different forum host altogether, so we likely will not be adding support for their application. It would require us to completely change how the forum is structured. That being said, the TR forum is hosted using Discourse, which has its own mobile application if you 're looking for an improved mobile experience :+1:


@Bryce - here’s an overview:

I think the bigger concern here is that @Bryce you have some forum reading to catch up on, lol.

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