Updating of “Latest” list in Forum

As a new user to this Forum, I can say that my initial impressions are very good.

Just one question though: I like to use the “Latest” button when returning here but couldn’t find a “read” button to show that I’d seen the list. Does the list itself update to save me having to look through everything again?

It seems that topics you have read completely turn grey instead of black.
I feel pretty satisfied that @Nate chose Discourse as it is kind of “new generation” of forum software and well maintained.

My local cycling forum uses outdated software and is having problems with spambots. Well, I went off topic here.

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I think you’re looking for a way to mark a thread as “grey” (aka read) without having to click in and read it. Is that right?

Yes @Nate

Another forum that I use shows “new posts since last visit” which saves having to scroll through ones that I’ve seen before (but maybe not physically opened and read).

Oh yes, this forum supports that too. When you refresh and scroll down you will see a “new posts since last visit” line.