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I’ve been on the internet since the mid 90s and have heavily used forums over these decades. I must say I have never come across this specific type - it’s excellent! I love all the features (the slider/scrollbar to jump to end, the highlight quote, etcetc).

I’ve noticed that it somewhat influences the nature of the forum too - encourages more conversational discussions rather than the typical post and forget.

Good job TR & the person that picked it!


I have used several other forum apps as well. Discourse (used here) is really the best experience I have had and has a ton of useful aspects.


Thanks so much! The forum platform (Discourse) was carefully selected and customized by our Design Team, and we love to hear that you value our hard work!

Thanks for the shout out :smiley:.


I like the forum, too, as it does have some great features that make reading and following threads very easy.

I’m not sure if there’s any way you might be able to do this, but if it were possible to hide the “Get faster at” bar across the top for those of us who are already TR subscribers, that would be appreciated. Sometimes I’m on a small screen laptop and value every bit of vertical space I can get to make it easier for viewing the threads. Cheers!

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Thanks for the feedback @route66, I will pass your suggestion for the Design Team to look into.

We want to have a link back to the main TrainerRoad website, but I agree that it takes up valuable screen space on mobile.

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Could you add a second TR logo (maybe R. Hand side) to link to main site, whilst altering the left hand logo slightly to signify it’s for the forum home page?

A small gripe but I get confused seeing identical TR app logos in my phone too.

I can’t make any promises as this ultimately comes down what the Design Team prefers and what they feel best represents our brand, but I will absolutely pass on your feedback for consideration :+1: .

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Not a big deal and no expectations on my end Bryce.

I wouldn’t otherwise have mentioned it but I saw the opportunity.

Hi Gang,

Trying to understand the issue a little more and have a few questions. Can you let me know:

  • Are you using the Discourse app on your phone or using the browser, such as Chrome or Safari?
  • What phone, or device, are you viewing the forum on?

We definitely want to make sure the experience is solid for as many people as we can. Your input is much appreciated!

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My only wish is that when logged in with a TrainerRoad account, clicking the banner took me to my career page.


Didn’t like the banner when it first appeared but that’s just me not liking change…

Making it a link to your account would be great. Shouldn’t even be too hard to create a page that takes you to your account if you’re logged in or re-directs to the main page if you’re not. That way the forum link doesn’t need to know what your TR account is.


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Browser on iPhone. Did not know there was a discourse app. Agree that screen real estate is valuable on mobile to minimalist is best.

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