Feature request: slider bar for mobile forum

When I browse the forum on mobile (Android), the bar on the bottom displays where I am in the overall thread. Is there any way that could be a slider bar or we could at least quick navigate the entire thread? If I’m missing out on how to do this, I welcome the input. Sometimes when I see new large threads, I want to peak into different parts of the thread without scrolling the whole thing, etc.
Pic of bar included

You were so close.

  1. Tap the bar you identify and you will get the vertical slider.

  1. Tap and slide to get the location you want.

Tap that box and you’ll get a slider:


Is that via a mobile browser? If so, try the Discourse forum app. You’ll have to add TR to it as a subscription.

Using your screen shot as an example, you can tap on “302/318” which pops up a quick scroll allowing you to scroll super fast to any # post out of the 318. Also gives you a “Jump to” where you can specify which # post you want to jump to. Better yet, here are some screenshots.


Apparently, it works the same in a mobile browser :joy:

Odd, it says the replies prior to mine were hours ago, but when I replied probably 5min after reading the original message and there were no replies :man_shrugging:

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Thanks all, I’ve been thinking the same as the OP for a while - can finally give my thumb some rest!

Just glad I wasn’t the only one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: