Creating a Zwift alternative

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I’m building a Zwift alternative on my own. What do you wish Zwift had?

More generally, what app do you wish was out there to help with training (including what doesn’t work well between TrainerRoad and Zwift or other apps)?

As a side note, if you want to help, let me know.

Not an insignificant challenge. I’d like the option to ride anywhere in the world, with decent graphics and a customisable HUD.

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More realism and drafting effect are what people usually criticize on Zwift. I’m sure there’s others but I haven’t been riding Zwift lately.

It’s a big audacious goal to make your own platform. I wish you luck. I’d like to help but I don’t have any coding skills.


Not sure this is spam in the traditional sense. There’s not even a product to push at this point, so it falls in that aspect. It’s also not posted all over the place. The one change I made was to remove it from the “TrainerRoad Software” category and put it into “Uncategorized” as we do with most other non-TR software related discussion (like Zwift, RGT, SYSTM, Rouvy, etc.).

Other than that, the one simple suggestion for the OP is to review the many related forums (here, Zwift, etc.) and see the many feature requests, comments & complaints that users of those apps have already shared. There’s literally thousands of ideas from many users that can be read at present vs asking people to come here and repeat those comments. The info is already out there, and just needs to be reviewed by any interested programmer.

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I’m satisfied generally with zwift. I like the idea of riding anywhere and not just notable routes like fulgaz or others, but like in my neighborhood if i wanted to. However, my biggest gripe with zwift despite the horrid user interface (even the new one), is the way it’s updated. I’m sure on the device platforms it’s more transparent, but on windows it’s a big hassle for me.

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