Just started and all my workouts are “breakthrough”

Just signed up. Kind of arbitrarily told it I was preparing for a climbing event in a year. Did the ramp test, figured out I had my power meter pedals misconfigured and it was reporting double my actual power. Rejected the FTP number at the end, and deleted the whole workout. Did the ramp test the next day and got a believable FTP number. Saw my first scheduled workout was rated as “breakthrough” and after doing the nearly hour long ramp test with the wrong power numbers two days before and the real ramp test the previous day picked an alternative workout rated at the “productive” level. I see all my scheduled workouts are rated “breakthrough”. Is that the way it should be? The “productive” level workout I did seemed decently hard, even though it didn’t leave me wiped out or close to failure. Is it possible the first ramp test confused the system, and it thinks my FTP dropped by nearly half in 24 hours and I will be able therefore to swiftly return to the erroneous number?

Nope that’s not right. Choose an Alterate “productive” workout. Do it and score it.

I did score the first (and only so far) actual workout I did. For that workout, I selected an alternate “productive” workout to the recommended “breakthrough”. By score, I assume you mean at the end it asked me how hard it was. I said it was “hard” which if I remember was the middle option. All my future workouts all still all rated at “breakthrough”.

What is the PL (performance level) it is giving you?

I see something called “Progression Levels” with seven categories for the seven zones. It has me at 1.0 for all of them except “Sweet Spot” where it has me at 1.1. The one workout I did was a “Sweet Spot” workout and the app told me after I completed that ride that it as adding 0.1 to my “Sweet Spot” score.

Then just choose an alternate workout with a PL of around 1.2

I also see it is recommending for me a workout next week involving what it calls “individual leg training” which I don’t think is going to work since I am using a single sided power meter pedal on a dumb trainer.

Looking around the app, I noticed “adaptive training” was turned off in settings. Turning it on reassigned most of the workouts over the next few weeks to only “stretch”, and even one to “productive”.


That’ll do it! haha.

Welcome to TrainerRoad! (And to the forum!)
You’ll find that the forum is a great space to ask athletes about their experience, get some suggestions, and even get troubleshooting + expert advice from pros like @mcneese.chad.

For bigger questions or issues like power meter readings or a lack of adaptations, feel free to @ myself or our other TrainerRoad Community Managers, @SarahLaverty and @ZackeryWeimer.

Sure, picking an alternate is a great tool to use when you want to decrease the difficulty of your workout, but the CMs (and support@trainerroad.com) have admin and internal tools to look at all of your workout and account settings, complete workout history, survey responses, pending (and accepted) adaptations, etc.

That is to say, feel free to @ us in the future when posting so we can double-check that there isn’t a bigger ‘fix’ or solution we can help you with, like an account setting!

Let me know if you have more questions as you get going with TrainerRoad (like about your power meter, it looks like that got sorted but can you confirm you’re all set?).
Stoked you’re with us!