First tri bike + crank-based power meter - help with trainer setup

Hope these questions and assumptions aren’t too stupid!

Up until now, I have been training using my road bike (without power meter) on my Kickr and TR. My first tri bike has just arrived (with crank-based power meter), and I’d like to check my process for swapping bikes makes sense…

  1. Pair PM to TR and enable power match (to ensure the power reading inside and outside is the same).

  2. Conduct new ramp test using the crank-based PM and in the aero position, in order to ensure my training intensity levels are accurate to aero position, and to make sure my new FTP also reflects this more accurate PM.

If my assumption is right, this would then mean that when I ride and finally race outside, power readings would be the same and there shouldn’t be any surprised with power readings?

I don’t do power match on my bikes, so I’ll let others address those points…

but if this is your first tri bike, please note that many people have a hard time holding an aero position indoors on a trainer. VERY common issue…and the common fix is to raise your front wheel. If your wheel axles are level with each other, try to raise the front axle at least 1" higher. It will make sitting in aero much more comfortable and sustainable.


Correct on #1.

Regarding #2, some people advocate training in aero, some people don’t like it. I’m in the “don’t like it” camp. I look at it like this: if my comfort in aero position is low, then I’m probably holding back my fitness by insisting that all training be done aero; I should work on that comfort more (fit help. stretching, strength training, focused practice on position), but I can do that separately.

If my comfort in aero position is high, then I probably don’t need to worry about it too much, and I can do it when it suits me, but there’s no burning need to do it.

Also, I’ll admit I’m one of those people who feels much better in aero on the road; I haven’t been able to isolate the cause and fix it (raising my front wheel hasn’t already solved it), so for this purpose I fall into the first camp and don’t want to hold back my training due to discomfort.

Many thanks for all the help!

Am I right in thinking that, either way, I’ll need to retest my FTP because TR will be working off the power detected by my Kickr up to now?

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Yup, retest any time you change the power measurement device / method.

Perfect, thanks. Thank god the ramp test doesn’t write me off for a whole day…

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