Two bikes, 1 power meter and a smart trainer

Hi all,
I’ve currently got a lovely set up, with 2 bikes (1 road, 1 TT) and a smart trainer, which I use with power match.
However, my wife is starting to cycle a bit more and we think it’s worth her trying the PM from my TT bike on her bike (4iiii - we both have same length cranks).
That would leave me with the PM on my road bike but not my TT bike. I’m a triathlete, and do most my steady state efforts on the TT bike, and everything else usually on the road bike.
I’m due to test today so wanted to pose the question of how best to do it so that I have good numbers to train to - inside and out (assume out will always be on road bike) with both TT bike and road bike on the trainer.

I’m thinking of recording my ramp test on TR with the smart trainer and my PM linked to the Garmin to end up with the numbers to do a manual offset with powermatch.
Does that make best sense, or what would you recommend.

Since it is a 4iiii you could just swap over your crank each time with it being Shimano takes you less than 5min. I do that between my 2 road bikes. Otherwise you could either keep one bike on the trainer and adjust the 4iiii powermeter via the app to read just like the trainer by scaling the power readings (would not do that).

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Just swap the power meter crank to the bike that needs it when it needs it? Certainly if its a Shimano one its a 5 minute job (depending on if you use the same pedals).


Sorry - lack of clarity on my part.
I’ve a Quarq on the road bike, different BB, different crank length etc. It’s the wife’s bike and the TT bike I can switch between. We’ll be training together so can’t use it all the time.

Well in that case - keep the tt bike on the trainer when your wife has the powermeter and ride with her on the road bike. If you want to do any sort of effort on the tt bike outside I guess you have to steal the PM back from you wife.
Otherwise 4iiii pm are rather cheap at the moment for the single sided one or get an avio sense pm for you/your wife which would be even more cost effective.

Those are the only things that would then come to my mind

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Timely question as I did something quite similar myself only yesterday.
I have Garmin Vector pedals - they display power about 10% lower than my 2016 kickr but are the only power source I have outside. Over winter I’ve had my Garmin Vector pedals on my trainer bike and used powermatch. Now I’m riding outside more and more, swapping pedals backwards and forwards 2 or more times a week was getting painful and always run the risk of threading a pedal etc so I’ve decided now to keep my pedals on my best bike for the summer and just run ordinary pedals on the trainer.
So last night I performed my ramp test using macbook and ant+ connectivity to pedals and ipad and bluetooth to my kickr. Both tests appear in my career, and each test gave a different ftp result at the end. I’ll use one for all indoor workouts using just the kickr from now on and when outside run the value my pedals produced.
My one question I have outstanding is do I have to keep changing my ftp value in TrainerRoad prior to running an outside workout? I’m not sure if having my ftp set in my Wahoo Elemnt sets what the outdoor workout power targets are, or if TrainerRoad transfers absolute power values in the workout sent to Wahoo based on values within my TrainerRoad account? Given outdoor workouts on the Wahoo always give a range, often around 20 watts I’ll probably ok sitting at the lower end of the range given the pedals have been producing consistently lower power readings than my kickr.

If you have a wahoo element you can click on workout on the workout page of your headunit and scale it up or down. Easiest was to adjust for different ftp values inside/outside

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