First time SSB Low Volume completed

Just finished my first SSB Low volume phase 1 block and increased my FTP from 254 to 259 at 184lbs giving me 3.10 FTP/kg

I stayed on the trainer for the whole block and added a few more sessions in when I could

Realistically from user experience is it possible after LV SSB Phase 2, Sustained Power build and TT Training plan with extra sessions to get gains close to a 330 watt FTP or am I Just dreaming of 70W gains

All my ramp tests and training has been completed on a TT bike in the aero position


259w / 254w = 1.02
Approximately a 2% gain for 6 weeks of the “easy” program.

330w / 259w = 1.27
Approximately a 27% gain for 6 harder Base weeks and 8 weeks of hard Build. I ignore Specialty since there are typically minimal FTP gains.

Simple math says you are in the clouds… sorry.

Ditch the unrealistic goal. Focus on your hitting your training and recovery to the max that you can and wait to see where you are when you get there.

No sense sweating unrealistic goals.


That would be a massive improvement, not impossible but certainly difficult. That sounds more like a multi year goal. Good luck to you though and have fun.


Easy answer is No.

But then if you don’t try you well never know. It is worth remembering it is decreasing returns for increasing metabolic demands. 300 watts maybe if you dial everything, diet, sleep, minimal stress etc. Either way go for it and see where you land. Someone always stretches the bubble it could be you.

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I suppose I could add an extra 10% at the end for taking the test in the aero position :joy:

Here is the path of one cyclist and it took about 18 months:

Anything is possible, you won’t know until you try.