Finishing Training schedule (not plans, but when to do what) - please help

Please help me finish my training schedule. The vast majority of the workouts are first thing in the morning. After work (pm) workouts are very tough as we have a 4 year old who needs my time. I also do everything I can to support my wife’s running. All her own idea – I just do whatever needs to happen to support it.

Goals are Xterra – so I have to get all 3 (4 or 5 depending on viewpoint) specialties in. Swim, mountain bike, and trail run (plus strength training and rest). Not what plans but how to get everything in. My focus for the next 10 weeks is the run – hence that 3x a week. When I was bike (FTP boost) focused, a similar schedule worked with 3 rides and 1-2 runs per week. My Master’s swims are great for recovery of the legs and the rest of the body.

I would really like to lift 2-3x a week – get the strength up now so I can maintain it later. Most efficient to do that in the am as fewer people in the gym. I can get in/out in under an hour (including warm-up/cool-down).

Monday – AM – lift
– PM – Run?

Tuesday – AM – Bike
– PM

Wednesday – AM – Master’s Swim

Thursday – AM RUN

Friday – Master’s Swim

Saturday – Long Run

Sunday – Long Bike Ride + Run (10 min)

My wife runs Tuesday/Thursday/and one weekend day. Which limits my options.

What suggestions do you have? I really can’t do things at work – especially not until it warms up again.

Thank you

Hey there!

While outlining what types of workouts you should do on what days and at what times is not really in my wheelhouse, I can recommend a combination of pre-made training plans that you can use to effectively prepare for your Xterra.

XTERRA events, while similar in length to the Olympic Distance Triathlon, have specific demands that require a bit of deviation from the standard Olympic Distance Plan. As a result, our XTERRA workout suggestion is a combination of the Olympic Triathlon Training Plan and the XC Olympic MTB training progression. Essentially, you will do the run and swim recommendations from the Tri plan, but you will drop in the rides from the MTB plan progression on the days you have rides. Here’s what that looks like:

Olympic Distance Base, option to substitute the rides from Sweet Spot Base II
Olympic Distance Build, but substitute the rides from General Build
Olympic Distance Specialty, but substitute the rides from XC Olympic MTB Specialty

You can make all the adjustments you need by adding the training plans to your Calendar and dragging/ deleting workouts as neccessary :slight_smile:

If you’d like to hear some further discussion on Xterra Racing, check out the following podcast link:
[25:45] Podcast 071: XTERRA Training Notes

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions!