Finished with Crit Specialty phase. Now what?

I’m done with crit specialty phase. The rest of the season is still ahead of me. Now what? Start over at ssb? Short power build?

Thanks for any advice!

Assuming you finished an A-level event, you usually take a short break. That depends on how hard and stressful the training and event were.

Then, commonly you can to a “Rebuild” which consists of picking another Build phase, and another Specialty phase. This is often done to reach a second peak or A-level event.

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Hey! I just did a top 5 finish in a local race so clearly specialty phase got me more or less where I wanted to go. But, honestly, I don’t have an “A” race for the year. Just coming back to racing and being able to finish in the pack was a win. To get a top 5 is beyond expectations. That said, now that I’ve opened that box, I want more!

This week I’m super tired so I ended up taking it kind of easy anyway. So, that’s my break?

I have a several weeks til I race again so I could get started on the “rebuild” next week.

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Yeah, if you feel rested (mentally and physically) from the week, I think you can start a new Build in the coming week. Consider choosing something different than your last Build to add some variety and maybe work on some different energy systems (again will alter physically and mentally).

Sounds like you can keep it “fun” with no particular goal and do whatever sounds good to you.

Some related reading that is the foundation of my comments:

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Hmm, more rest may be in order as I am tired. I’m going on a little working vaca next week and bringing my bike. Some fun, easy rides maybe are in order and then start back the following week. After getting a result this past week, I don’t want to lose anything before the next race near the end of the month.

This coming back from cancer is hard!

Thanks again!

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This makes perfect sense. Just ride by feel and for fun. Drop the structure for a bit and rejuvenate yourself for the restart you have planned ahead. Don’t worry about losing anything. Even if you sat on your booty, you’d be fine for a week.

If you do any fun rides, you will be keeping above a minimum and setting yourself up well. Just make sure to keep them light and easy without adding excessive stress. You don’t want that rolling into a Rebuild.