Finished build phase with 14 weeks to event - more base training?

Hello everyone!

This is my first year using TR and I’m enjoying the training/suffering, but most importantly I’ve been super pleased with the performance progression (FTP moved 255 to 280 since Oct on low volume plans)

I’m just finishing up my sustained power build low volume leaving me with 14 weeks until my grandfondo event (165km GrandFondo Jasper, Alberta Canada).

I was thinking of the following programming combinations leading up to my event:
a) 12 week SSBV1 and SSBV2, 2 weeks of general build
b) 6 weeks SSBV2, 8 weeks general build
c) 8 weeks century specialty, 6 weeks SSBV2

This to be my “A” event since I do not have any other events planned for the year (maybe another one in the fall).

I was planning on option a) since I have the impression that building up my base is always a good thing and ending it off with the last 2 weeks of the general build.

But now, I’m leaning towards option b) as this would give me balanced base training followed by a complete build plan.

However, I’m wondering about option c). This option would allow me to follow thru with the complete TR program cycle with a specialty plan. Then I would start the TR cycle again with SSB plan.

Any advice is much appreciated!


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If this is your A race ideally you want to finish with a specialty phase. What about:
Wk 5/6 of SSB I
4 weeks of a build programme (first 4 or second 4 depending on how hard you want to push)
8 week century plan.

That gives you a bit of a break now to refocus after your build, a mini rebuild then full specialty to see you at peak fitness.

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I would do all 6 weeks SSB 2, followed by weeks 5-8 of the build plan and weeks 5-8 of the specialty plan.

The reason being, I would still want to maintain the aerobic base to an extent, and the potential of 22 weeks without base work seems sub optimal to me. the second 4 weeks of the build plan because this is the half with the largest training load and should lead to the largest gains in FTP for you, and you should be able to take the training load as you have already completed it. Then the final four weeks of the specialty plan to “top you off” and to get a solid taper into the event.

How I would approach that situation.

Also, for a grand fondo I would be doing sustained build not general, being able to ride at a higher power for longer, rather than having higher absolute power seems more useful for a grand fondo to me, just my thoughts.

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Thanks @WTriathlete and @janerney for responding! I’m going to with 6 weeks of SSBV2 combined with a mix of build and speciality as @janerney suggested.

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