Filling a 8 week gap between build and speciality

Hi All,

I started TR April this year (SSBMV I & II, currently busy with sustained power build). I’ve followed the guidance on the site to schedule my speciality (Cross-Country Marathon MV) working backwards from my A race (6 December).

This leaves a gap of 8 weeks between build and speciality. What is the best way to fill that? I’ve read the “Too much time” post but it doesn’t quite match my time available.

My second question is specific to my speciality plan. My A race is a 220km night ride through the Namib Desert. The race starts on a Friday afternoon 15:00, how should I structure the last week of my speciality block?

According to my MTB Marathon plan, you’d be filling that space with a bias toward long Z2, and 3 intervals in the week of corresponding Z3 (Marathon Pace, 1-2hrs), Sweet Spot and some short intervals to keep the top end interested, say 3 x 2 mins all out. 2 blocks of three weeks with a low volume week in the middle and 10 days taper to the event.