Well impressed with TR!

To the TR team, I am well impressed. I subscribe to both Trainingpeaks and Trainerroad. I am very loyal to both. Trainingpeaks has been my primary repository of data as it allows me to track my entire indoor and outdoor history.

I have to say with the Calendar addition, TR is really getting close to making me cancel Trainingpeaks. There is an intangible element still present in Trainingpeaks I cannot yet put my finger on, but I’ll be damned, TR is fantastic. I did drop Sufferfest, sadly, because of their horrible interface. I much preferred when I could use their videos on TR.

Thank you for staying focused on your core features, keep it up!!!


One hundred percent agree. No other company is taking care of it’s customers in such a complete manner.

Yes… Clean up the historical metrics interface on TR, and Training Peaks will be almost insignificant.

I think that this is the only real area holding TR back and keeping me subscribed to other platforms. Even if there was a price increase to get a better metrics interface, I’d gladly pay it as I could then dump other platforms.

I just made the switch, canceling renewal on Training Peaks to switch fully to TR. TR has some gaps in functionality, but TR calendar combined with Stryd/Garmin Connect for running and manual entry of swimming is plenty good enough at less expense.