New calendar sucks big time

The main reason i use TR is simplicity. Start a training plan, load a workout and u go. U see where u left off cause they have check marks on em and then u do the next one. Simple. New calendar feature is horrendous. How did anyone think this is a good idea? I dont want to schedule workouts, I know when I can work out and when i do i want my training plan loaded and ready. So now i decided to give it a chance anyhow. Except i dont want to work out tues and thurs, so i drag my days to mon and wed. Also I already did the first 3 workouts. So now I need to delete the first 3 and drag every single workout back a week? Are you kiddin me? I guess I need to just eyeball where I am in the training plan and remember where i left off. It’s not like man has invented a way to mark items with a visual symbol of some sort.


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