Is Trainerroad working on a new consistency metric?

If not, they definitely should!

@Nate, @Jonathan and @chad are talking about consistency all the time, and we all know it, beeing consistent with your training feels awesome! Why not reinforce/evaluate/measure it like TSS does for stress, and on both the workout and global/training-plan level.

It shouldn’t be too hard :sunglasses:, I am still baffled that TP could copyright an easy “formula” like TSS or NP…

I’m calling it DUSU (Did u show up):

avg of (percentage of the planned workouts completed, percentage of planned TSS completed, percentage of planned workout time completed)

You could calculate it on a per week/month/year basis. Copyright pending and shortened from “did you show up and do something or were you lazy and watched netflix”


I belive many of us do the work and watch Netflix at the same time. Does that only gives us half a point then?

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I’m considering it, the outcome may be significantly influenced by whether or not I quit watching Netflix soon and go ride or…

If we’re wanting a measure of consistency then I feel like the standard deviation of your weekly TSS for 6 weeks would probably best represent that and be a very simple setup. The lower the standard deviation the more consistent you are and the higher, the more variable your weekly TSS is.

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