Feature requests: Allow adding workouts to the calendar on mobile and have favorited workouts link across devices

Part 1:
I find that I frequently have some spare time to look through workout options and ways that I may want to modify my next workout while on my mobile device. However, if I find a ride I want to change out, there is no add to calendar feature on mobile. This leads me to favorite the workout in the mobile app to add to the calendar later online.

Part 2:
That favorited ride I want to do does not show up online or in the desktop app, so if I don’t have my phone with me I can’t get it queued up. This is especially frustrating if you are already fully set up on the bike only to realize your phone is somewhere else with the ride info you want to do.

This could be fixed by TR users being able to add workouts to the calendar on mobile and having favorited rides link to the user account rather than being device specific.

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This is already planned and will be part of the pending release of the entirely new mobile platform. (I can’t find confirmation via search, but we know it’s already coming.

I am closing this thread, since it’s a duplicate. Please add your +1 and further comments in the existing thread above.