[Feature Request] Sync TR workouts to Training Peaks (only Workout Name/Duration/TSS/IF)

it would be super great if there was also a possibility that you could synchronize the TR workouts from the TR calendar with Training Peaks after it works the other way round.

It is sufficient if only the workout name / duration / TSS / IF (workout description if possible) are synchronized, after all, nobody wants to steal the workouts from TR.

Or a TR workout library in training peaks, similar to Sufferfest, from which you can then search for the workouts and place them yourself on your TP calendar?

Not only bike workouts, run or swim workouts would be fine too!


Thanks for the suggestion!

While not on the roadmap at the moment, I can certainly see the appeal of a feature like this. I will pass your suggestion onto the team for future consideration :+1:.


thanks, that would be nice, hope the team like it too! :sunglasses:

I’d support this to! I currently do this manually and of course when I move a workout around I then have to do it twice…

This would be a huge win :slight_smile:

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I spend Sooooooooooooooo much time doing this manually, and then if I end up changing my plan in TR it’s a MAJOR pain in the ass to correct in TrainingPeaks. I’ll even drop you all $50 as a “tip” if you get this done.


as a “tip” i change my monthly TR subscription to yearly! :innocent:

@Bryce the simplest solution would be welcome, it would also be enough if you had a “Push to Training Peaks” button for the workouts in the calendar, just like for “Push to Garmin” outdoor workouts


Agree so we can project CTL etc in TP