Feature Request - Switching off the live summaries after intervals

When doing sprint or VO2 intervals, can the summary metrics be switched off in options or preferences. The reason is im busy looking for next wattage, or length of effort, or information text - rather than seeing what wattage i achieved on the last interval.
I’m working that hard that reviewing values is useful after the workout, not during it when I can just about manage basic functions like breathing.


I basically ignore those, to the point I had to think whether they were turned off or not when I read your post. I run in minimized window at the top of the screen, and they show up at the bottom, so that helps maybe.

In minimized mode with the window at the bottom it almost never pops up for me. Only every once in a while


I wish this would go away as well. Can’t read it, and it is hard to see the next interval in the background.

Hey everyone!

This is something that we have been thinking about internally and I have shared this thread with the team to hear out your opinions on the matter.

Thanks so much for your feedback, it’s what helps us grow as a company :smiley:


Maybe it is just he presentation that is the issue. I like the immediate feedback, but the numbers could pop up somewhere else out of the way.

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@Bryce is there any rhyme or reason to when this pops-up when in minimized mode? For me, it mostly doesn’t pop-up at the end of intervals (even long ones), but sometimes it does. It feels very random.

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The interval summaries should pop up after all work intervals, so they will not pop up for recovery valleys.

Is it possible that the longer intervals that you mention are tempo or easier? Based on the logic, these may not be considered work intevals, and as a result, they may not display the summaries.

@Bryce - Whether or not the post interval pops-up for me is totally random. Last night I did https://www.trainerroad.com/career/alphadogcycling/rides/56193363-getting-back-into-it-intervals After the warm-up, there are 6 intervals:
2 @ 6 minutes - post interval pop-up popped up
2 @ 4 minutes - post interval pop-up popped up for the first of these, but not the 2nd
2 @ 2 minutes - post interval pop-up didn’t pop up for either

The interval intensity increases as the interval length shortens, so the lack of the post-interval pop-up isn’t tied to intensity

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Very interesting… thank you for letting us know. We are currently working on a total overhaul of the desktop applications, so I will alert the team to make sure that they are aware of this problem.

EDIT: @AlphaDogCycling it looks like you are on the Beta version of the app. Does this issue occur when you are running the latest version of the production app?

There are times like today when I have to click on the summary to make it go away. Right over the minimized TR screen.

PC based. Think win 10.

What version of the app are you using?

I get very similar results in minimized mode

Chiming in as one who likes the live summaries … if you change anything, please leave the live summaries as an option.

@Bryce - I haven’t used the production version in a long time, so I will try that on my next ride and let you know.

Well, I went to look and my computer died. Won’t restart – so unfortunately, I cannot tell you which version. But I can tell you that I always have to start TR (I don’t leave it running) and there was not a message that told me to restart to go to the latest update.

@Bryce I used the non-Beta app last night, and I experienced the same “sometimes the end of interval pop-up popped up, and sometimes it didn’t “ with no tie to interval wattage.

So at least for me, this bug is across all current versions of the Windows app.

Hmm, this is definitely something we will want to address. What is the version number you are using?

@Bryce This happened on 2019.10.3.89823

This is not a complaint but since we are talking about the pop ups I’ll add that I did Dade+5 today on Windows 10 with the TR app in minimal mode at bottom of my screen and I can’t remember it popping up once. I can see it try to pop up but it doesn’t.