Feature Request: Show interval summary for complete block

Often an interval block is subdivided into tiny parts and there is no summary for the complete block in the interval list.

For example the workout “Carpathian Peak” (Log In to TrainerRoad) consists of 3 blocks with 12-minute over-under intervals each. Now in the workout overview for each block there are 12 one minute intervals listed:exploding_head: (see picture) but there is no summary for each 12 minute block :slightly_frowning_face: - whereas I’d just like to see and compare at one glance the average power/cadence/HR values for each of the 3 blocks of the workout.


So would it be possible to add a summary for each block in the interval list for those affected workouts (best would be if those summaries were at the top of the list)?

A more broad alternative could be to let me define my own intervals (which are then linked to each of that same workout) as needed. (Thanks for the suggestion by @runriderandi)

(I know I can zoom in the workout graph block by block but that’s not my point and just an unconfortable workaround.)

Keep up the good work!


You can click and drag on the graph to select the interval as well. I had noticed this in the past as well, and been slightly irritated by it. I assume it just comes down to how any given workout was constructed how big a disaster the intervals are.

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I know, that’s what I meant with the sentence in brackets.

Guess so too. So maybe a summary for a complete block doesn’t work out of the box and some manual effort would need to be made. But looking at 36 1-minute intervals on the other hand doesn’t make you happy either, does it @Nate_Pearson?

I agree with you. I’d personally like to have both the small interval and the long interval.


I could actually do without the tiny intervals and just see the overall for workouts such as this. Especially when it’s a ramp. I usually highlight the entire interval to assess. What would be cool is if we could highlight our own interval and add it to the list of intervals already separated for us! :thinking:


Good idea, I like it. Would be an interesting alternative! Let me define my own intervals (linked to a workout) as needed.

So I discovered on the computer you CAN create your own intervals, name them, set an exact start and stop time. They, unfortunately, get mixed up in the intervals that are standard for the workout but if you name them all “interval #” then you can sort by name and all the intervals you created would be near the top of the list! I’m doing this right now with several of my past rides to have the data :blush:

@runriderandi Unfortunately the created intervals are only for the one individual workout and not for all the same workouts.

@Pete @Bryce @Nate_Pearson When creating an interval for a workout, can we get the option to have this interval shown for all the same workouts?
Can you make this happen? This would be super helpful and be a very good alternative to the original feature request here.
It could look like this:

Maybe a summary of the complete interval with the ability to click a “+” to expand a bulletized list under it that show the the interval components? That would be cool.

Yes, that would be nice and I thought about mentioning this in my feature request but as this would add some new complexity (parent-child-relationship of intervals) I opted against it in favour of a simpler and quicker solution to integrate.

It would also be nice to see the time remaining for the complete interval and not just the section you’re on.

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Would you need this if we auto grouped the intervals already?


No, if there’d be some sort of auto grouping/summary for the complete block (awesome!), I don’t see a use case for that alternative.

With auto grouping you’d even save me from the work of defining own intervals. Perfect @Nate_Pearson :+1:!


Great, I’ve wanted this for a while too. I’m going to have product put it on the backlog to implement.



Take Geiger +2 as an example, 5 x 12 minute SS intervals.

Each 12 minute interval is broken up into 3 or 4 minute mini laps, I quite like this but I wondered if there was or could be an option for TR to just record the lap as a whole, so the full 12 minutes?
I know you can search for them in the analysis tool, you can also create them in training peaks, or even record the workout separately on your wahoo and hit lap each time but inbuilt TR functionality would be the sweetspot…

Hey there!

This is a request we’ve had in the past, and something that we are definitely interested in looking into in the future.

In the meantime, you can create your own intervals for post-ride analysis. You can learn how by checking out this article from our Help Center:


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Nice one, appreciate the update.