Feature Request: Whole interval time

I think a helpful feature would be to show the whole time remaining on an interval that is made up of multiple sub-intervals.

For example on Darwin, each 10min threshold interval is actually 5x2min intervals with very slight ramps. The countdown clock shows what is left in that 2min block. That isn’t ‘really’ what you have left though. For intervals like that a secondary clock that shows the whole interval time remaining would be helpful.

Thanks for considering


Haha, I really appreciate that the countdown lies to me and breaks it up. The hardest intervals are 20 min steady, staring at that “19:…”.

What I’d like to see, though, is showing the full interval statistics after the fact. For example, some what was my NP and kJ for each of the 20-minute intervals in Eclipse (which, even in the analysis, is split up into a bunch of 2- to 4-minute sub-intervals).

Maybe you want to +1 here…should be the feature request for you:

I think you might like this too:


Good idea. Every time I do Geiger, Eclipse or Tallac I’m always trying to calculate the math like “OK…I think I already did one two minute up, one four minute down and one two minute up… So that makes 8 minutes, no wait… 10 minutes… No, 8 minutes, so that means I have 12 minutes left. Wait… Were these 3x20 or 3x16? Maybe I’m halfway through… But that bar doesn’t look halfway, maybe they’re 18min intervals. Does TR have any 18 minute intervals… Okay, now I’m definitely 9 minutes in”

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For these types of workouts, I have created “simple” versions on my head unit, which I run in parallel with TR, so that I can see how much time is left in the block, as well as statistics afterwards. I just have to go to my head unit’s page to view it.

I actually find this as a benefit as it helps distract me from the work I am doing and makes the interval go by quicker