Interval Summary Review (Laps) - Feature Requests

I am compiling a few feature requests related to the “Intervals” summary section of workouts and rides.

  1. It’s already been mentioned, but the visibility of a workout with many intervals is a bit painful. It varies between desktop/web viewing vs mobile/web viewing, but both are not ideal. The following will discuss desktop for one example.
    • The basic list and organization is reasonable. But when you have more intervals than can fit on a single page, it adds pages at the bottom. This is fairly painful depending on how many intervals you have and when you want to find a specific one in the workout.
    • Suggestion: I think a single window with vertical scrolling (top to bottom) would be easier and more logical to navigate.

  1. Right now, intervals sort based on their time in the workout. As such, if you want to see the data compared between the first and last interval (and you have more than one page) you have to bounce back and forth to see the info.
    • It is a real pain. I end up taking a screen shot of one and switching to the other page, just to see both at the same time.
    • Suggestion: It would be very handy to be able to select and compare 2 or more intervals. Something like a “Compare” check box next to each interval that would place it somewhere (top of the list?) so you can stack 2 or more intervals right next to each other.
    • That would make review of comparable data much faster and convenient.
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These are all very good points, Chad. Thanks for compiling these and bringing them up! I will pass along this information to the rest of the TR Team, and we will see what we can do.

Thanks again for all your hard work! Keep it up! :+1:


Like the suggestions! In this context I’d suggest you to add this request to your list:

Even Nate agreed on that @Tucker :wink:


Hey! I am totally with you guys. :smile:

There are always ways that we can keep improving things with our service. So keep up the quality feedback, and we will continue to improve as best as we can!

Thank you for your help with this one!