What to do over summer

Hi, I’m just about to come to the end of my plan and wondered what to do now as we edge ever so closely to dryer weather and riding outdoors.
I plan to ride outside as much as possible over the summer and don’t do outdoor workouts just ride and push myself quite hard.
I don’t think it’s worth starting a plan as my indoor use would be a bit sporadic and il use it maybe once a week or more if it rains. Would you just go for the train now and pick a random workout as and when required? If you do this approach do you pick any sort of work out or would it be best to do sweet spot

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Over the summer, I ride 90% of the time outside - mostly for fun, and I don’t follow a training plan. Although, most of my “fun” rides have a lot of climbing included - so I end up riding a lot of tempo/sweet spot.

When I do ride indoors, I pick a workout based on how I feel. If I’m tired, endurance. If I feel fresh, sweet spot. Or if I haven’t done vo2max for a while, then vo2max.

Since I ride so little indoors, and I don’t follow a plan, I don’t think choice of specific workout matters a lot.


I would say it depends if, you don’t want to follow a plan outside (which isn’t all that hard unless you life in an area that has a lot of traffic everywhere) . Then the quesiton is what are you doing on your outside rides, if there is a lot of intensity because you are sprinting up hills out of corners or have climbs that you do as Sweetspot / Threshold efforts, then I would probably just do some Z2 on the trainer on the days you can’t get out. OR you just do stuff you feel like. Train now should also work fine. Most important I would say is that if you feel tired then select a Endurance Workout and don’t do intervals.


Plymouth, UK? Then drier conditions are about 3 months away :rofl:

I’d stick an LV plan in and see how you go.

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Ha ha yes Plymouth uk I was trying to be optimistic on the weather :+1:t2:

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I have been doing a single VO2 workout indoors and the rest outside for the last 2 summers. I usually end up in much better shape at the end of the summer than at the end of the indoor season. I live in a very hilly area, so 2-3 min efforts that are either anerobic or VO2 are common even on short ~ 20 mile rides. YMMV

Solid training you got on your Calendar @Daninplymouth :sunglasses:

Our TR Plans can also be completed outdoors! We have many athletes who solely ride outside following our training plans, so that could be an option!

However, it sounds like you may just want to do a bunch of unstructured riding, push your limits and once in a while do Indoor Workouts. :slight_smile: In that case, I would recommend using the TrainNow feature or choosing an Achievable or Productive workout from the Workout Library depending on what you’re feeling up to.

You could also enable Red Light Green Light, as this new feature will track your training fatigue and show you when you’re overdoing it. This can be a great tool for you to assess if you are on the right track, need to dial things down a bit, or even take a rest day when you’ve earned it!

More info about RLGL here: Red Light Green Light is Available in Early Access! 🎉 🎉 🎉🎉 🎉 🎉🎉 🎉

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What to do over summer?

Cruisey outdoor rides during the day, café stops every 50km. In the evenings drink beer, sit on the beach, get fat and forget about the winter of trainer rides.

What to do over winter?

Trainer rides.

Rinse and repeat.