Feature Request - Setting a default Warm Up and Cool Down Duration

Maybe I’m missing something… but on a lot of workouts, the cooldown is pretty short. Generally I extend them, but for me, that requires getting off the bike, walking to the ipad, hit the button, go back, get back on…

I know at the start of a workout, whether or not I’ll want to extend the cooldown.

Can we make that button available at all times? Or is it already available, and I am just missing it?

I want to be able to tack 5 or 10 minutes of cooldown onto the end, without getting off the bike. I realize I could move the ipad within reach, but that isn’t realistic for me with the way I have my stuff set up. If I could hit the ‘extend’ button before I get on the bike to start, that would be perfecto…


This feature would be nice to control via your Smartphone even if you use your PC to control your indoor trainer.

I connect my trainer to my IPad, which is sitting somewhere on the floor on a stand. However, my smartphone is within my reach. Please let me control the workout from my smartphone so I don’t have to step of my bike and adjust the settings on the Ipad.

For someone who’s training their body, you sure do make getting on and off the trainer sound like hard work :grin:

No way to move it closer instead of getting off the bike?

This is a really good point @Dkessler65. I am going to share your feature request with the Product Management team for future consideration. I am not sure what form this would take, or how the Design team would integrate it with the rest of the controls, but I do agree that it would be a very valuable feature for those with their TR devices our of reach.

I have also merged your feature request with the existing Feature Request thread on this topic so that all of the ideas are kept in one centralized location.

While this would be really cool as well, this level of interconnectedness would be prohibitively hard to implement. This is a feature request we’ve received in the past, but it’s unfortunately not realistic with the size of our team and the resources at our disposal.

It would be nice to be able to ride longer without having to get off the bike to manually add in the pc


Not sure if this is the best place for this, but it occurred to me that it would be great if I had the option to extend the cool down when the workout ends. Not sure if it’s the same on all platforms but I’m using the Mac app, and I regularly forget to hit the extend cooldown button, particularly if it’s quite a short one. So it’d be cool to have a second chance! Just little prompt saying end of workout, would you like to extend or whatever.

This is just the thing I’m looking for! I want to be able to plan for these workout extensions, balancing them with other volume increases (plus versions of workouts, adding a PM Taku after a hard AM workout, etc). I want to see what the resulting TSS will be each week so I can maintain progression and manage ramp rate.

Hey! If you’re trying to plan for extensions and know what you’d like them to be prior, you can do this in Workout Creator!
It for sure takes some time, but you can clone the ride and add an extra ‘X’ min of work at ‘X’% and the TSS will even reflect accordingly! Its not the quickest method but definitely would meet the need of what you’re looking for!

Good call, that’s really helpful, thank you!

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I’m currently in week two of SSB1 LV. I’d like to be able to extend some of the cool down periods by anywhere from 15-30 minutes in Zone 2 for the added TSS and, hopefully, the adaptations that come with that. Is there any way to do that in advance so that I’m not fumbling with my tablet with sweaty hands at the end of the workout?

Thank you @mcneese.chad for moving this to a more appropriate thread, but just to clarify: I’m not necessarily looking to set a default. I want to be able to pick and choose which workouts to extend.


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I know. But these are closely related and we have had other posts with a “preset” request. I link them, despite the notable variation between them, to keep the similar items grouped for easy reference.


FWIW, i have modified every workout (non-recovery) in TR using Workout Creator to have 15 minutes of warm up (55-75% in 3 minute increments) and 5 minutes of cool down. It was a bit of a PITA the first time but worth it once you start repeating workouts.

I agree. I’d love the ability to set default warmup/cooldown durations for all my workouts, or at the very least, the ability to set a cooldown duration at the start of a workout.

My main reason is due to the absurdly short cooldowns of some of the workouts. For example, Ericsson has a measly 1-minute cooldown:

Whereas most other workouts have a more reasonable 4–6-minute cooldown, for example, Abbey:

If all plan-included workouts had at least a 4-minute cooldown, that’d render this feature request moot (for me).

It seems the reason these workouts have differing cooldown durations is so they neatly fit into quarterly time segments (45m, 1 hour, 1:15, etc.). But whether a workout is exactly 60 minutes vs. 64 minutes, is not a meaningful difference to me. I’d much rather have a consistent warmup/cooldown experience across workouts.

And while I run TR on my phone which is within reach while riding, one minute is typically not enough time to regain my bearings and remember to tap the Extend Cooldown button before the workout abruptly ends! :man_facepalming:

As for cooldown I think even better/simpler would be to just add a minute as long as pedaling is continued (power/cadence is received). Have a look here:

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Yeah, that would work too.

And it’s similar (but opposite) to my request to auto-end the ramp test when wattage goes below a certain threshold for a period of time.

With a lot of the longer as 60 minutes workouts end with only a couple minutes cool down after a couple years on TrainerRoad I know I need more time to get my HR closer to normal.

It would be great if at the beginning as well as extending warmups I can add cool down ready for the end.

@firemunki I moved your request under an existing one that we used to pool the various Warm Up / Cool Down requests.


I think it’s fine as is. Easy enough to add warmup and cooldown with one or two clicks. If your ipad/computer is that far away then you should get a desk and put it closer.

What I’d like is an ‘add z2 endurance’ button that quickly bumps the workout back to .65if and adds half an hour. Then I don’t need to click ‘extend cooldown’ a bunch of times and then keep bumping up the percentage as the workout is simultaneously trying to ramp down the percentage. My fingers get really tired and I want to save all that energy to deliver to the pedals.


Existing request related to your Z2 comment:

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