Feature Request: Extend Cooldown Button Available Before Workout Start

Maybe I’m missing something… but on a lot of workouts, the cooldown is pretty short. Generally I extend them, but for me, that requires getting off the bike, walking to the ipad, hit the button, go back, get back on…

I know at the start of a workout, whether or not I’ll want to extend the cooldown.

Can we make that button available at all times? Or is it already available, and I am just missing it?

I want to be able to tack 5 or 10 minutes of cooldown onto the end, without getting off the bike. I realize I could move the ipad within reach, but that isn’t realistic for me with the way I have my stuff set up. If I could hit the ‘extend’ button before I get on the bike to start, that would be perfecto…



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This runs parallel to the prior request about picking a “default” warm up or cool down for the user.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention Chad.

I’m going to merge the threads.

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