Feature request: Manually set resistance during extended cool down

Not sure if this has been requested, but During an extended cool down where you want to tack on some endurance efforts, It would be fantastic if we could manually type the desired resistance instead of using the plus/minus. Either a % of ftp or total would work


If you use the desktop app you can, just highlight the percentage box and type the desired resistance (I.e. 250% etc.). I don’t use the mobile app so not sure if there’s similar functionality but they are in the middle of totally overhauling it so could be part of the new release.

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Yeah, I’m using the mobile app. Fingers crossed for the new update

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Plus one for this and that you should be able to toggle between ERG and resistance mode without having to go back into “devices” in the mobile app it’s really clunky at the moment


The tapering down cool downs aren’t great for when you want to extend at the end. Have to keep upping the resistance until the slope ends. Ah well, 1st world problem I guess.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I like this idea and I’ll pass it onto the team.

We are in the middle of some major projects, so it will not be highly prioritized at the moment, however, we’ll keep it under consideration as we complete projects and continue to move forward :+1:

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Same with changing the T button for the Ctrl button in the Windows app yes? :smiley:

I certainly will pass it on :+1:.

Making changes like that are tricky though because, when we change something that a lot of people are used to, it creates A LOT of support tickets and general confusion/frutration.

I really like the idea of the ability to customize hotkeys, and this is a request we’ve recieved before, but it has never been a high enough priority unfortunately. Once all of our apps are updated on the new code base though, we will be able to bring changes much more rapidly. That’s why we’re spending so much time and effort on the ground up redesign.


Thanks I understand and was only joking (kind of) :wink:

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An alternative suggestion that I’ve considered posting previously is to have ++ and - - buttons, next to the current + and - buttons, that move the target wattage in 10w increments (vs. 1w increments for the + & - buttons)…

I use the Extend Cool Down function in many/most sessions in order to tack on some endurance work, similar to the OP, and I’ve certainly had enough of tapping away at the the + button 60 or 70 times per workout to raise the resistance to my desired level :dizzy_face:

Some improvement here - whether my suggestion or the initial one here to directly enter the number - would be much appreciated! :grin:


Existing request for faster Workout Intensity Adjustment (and several suggestions for the method)


Thanks Chad, After reading your post and Nate’s reply one would assume it’s forthcoming, yet Bryce’s answer seems to point at “not yet”.
Hopefully it does because pressing the +button 100 times gets old quick