Feature request - extend warmup before starting workout

Can I please request the ability to extend the warmup period on a workout before the workout starts.

I train on rollers, and extending warmup at the moment has me clipping in and pedalling to start the workout, then briefly stopping pedalling and unclipping so that I can tweak the warmup time. I use TR on an iPad supported on a stand in front of my bike. Tweaking the warmup whilst still spinning would almost certainly result in me and the bike flying off the rollers. I need to do this adjustment to warmup duration whilst the bike is static.

Many thanks.

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I would do your own predefined warm prior to starting the TR workout. Mine typically are only 6 to 9 minutes. It allows you to make any last minute adjustments, get food, water, etc.

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Iā€™m also using rollers and cannot use this feature as it currently is. Would very much like the option before the workout starts to extend the warmup and/or warm down.