Feature request NOT A BIG DEAL

I almost didn’t see the nice feature of “push week” in the calendar because it is just working on future weeks. But I think it should also work on the current and past weeks. For me I see the main advantage of this feature to deal with training interruptions - I was sick the last week so I “push” the week to the current.

Of course I managed by pushing the next week and than copy two weeks but I think a lot users will overlook that feature.

Just my 2 cents

It’s not too clear to me what you’re requesting. Do you want to be able to push weeks that are in the past?

I can see this being an issue to implement for a number of reasons, not least the fact that pushing a week that may already have activities in it would be problematic/impossible. And what if you get sick part way through a week and only want to push half the week?

I don’t think pushing future weeks and then dragging and dropping a couple of workouts is really that difficult to be honest


Couldn’t agree more.

I commend you in your concern for fellow users but all the tools are there to do exactly what you’re requesting PUSH-COPY-SELECT WEEK. Only so much hand-holding that is tolerable…

Not a solution exactly, but TR has a large resource that documents most of, if not all the major features and functions of the app and website:

The particular control in question (push/pull/etc.) is covered well here.

Point being that there are many functions within the TR app and website, and some research (reading the support center) or trial and error (click on stuff and see what happens) is necessary to learn how it functions.


the main reason was to make those nice feature more visible - improve UX
more a hint then request

so really nothing I need - more like if you could push weeks that are in the past or the feature is greyed out more users would get it