Pull/push week bug or improvement?

My 70.3 A race for next year is June 14th meaning a full base build and specialty needs to be kicked off ~January 1st. My current HIM base finishes at the end of October, meaning there is a gap of about 2 months between my scheduled workouts in the calendar. If I do a pull or push of workout weeks during my current block, it still shifts the workouts far out on the calendar, even though they wouldn’t be affected since the 2 month gap would just decrease. Is there any way of separating the current training block and future training block? Can pull/push workout weeks be designed to only impact future weeks that have scheduled overlaps?

If I could easily move the future plan start dates back a week or two individually without removing and re-adding them I probably wouldn’t have posted anything, but if I try to pull them back a week to re-align them then it ends up re-shifting my current block of training and deleting a week.

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I love that idea, but more general: push workouts only until the first empty week.

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That is a much easier way of explaining my 2 paragraphs. Thanks!