Calendar issues

Hi, I see you are meant to be able to drag n drop workouts in the calendar, seems todo nothing for me. Just pops back to where it was.

Push & Pull week don’t appear, in the ellipses I just get ‘clear week’

Is it also possible to highlight multiple workouts, drag them and keep the same day spacing they had before ?


For the drag&drop - did you try a different browser? try Chrom incognito ?
Might by an addon that interferes.

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Thanks, to was this plugin ‎StopTheMadness on the Mac App Store - you can just disable the plugin for drag n drop for the trainer road website.

Other issues ?

If you can’t multi select perhaps insert a day ???

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For those other issues:

You can’t push a week if it’s the current week. However, if you click the three-dot menu for next week, you should be able to see the “Push Week” button.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to drag multiple workouts at once, you’ll have to move each around separately.