Feature Request: Logging aero time

I’d love to have a button on the screen to log how much time I spend in aero.

TR could then report total time in aero for that workout.

As a super cool feature, it could show the ride chart in different colors with aero time.



Thanks for the suggestion Darryl!

This is a pretty interesting idea and I will pass it onto the team for future consideration :slight_smile:

Love this idea. Would help motivate me to spend more time aero.

Like this one. I tend to record time spent in aero in the workout notes, but this would be much better.


One possibility would be a simple “Lap” button. It could be used for this purpose to capture the start, end and eventually duration of the desired period that a user would like to track.

Another option would simply be a “breadcrumb” or “marker” dropped along the timeline. This would be a single point followed by other single points (not a defined area like the “lap” above).

I was listening today to an episode of That Triathlon Show from last week, which talked about (among other things) using Leomo devices to track exactly that.

Leomo is a pretty expensive toy, but the ability to at least manually insert position transitions would be super informative. As a general tool (going beyond triathletes and TT specialists), perhaps a collection of “positions” that switch with a quick button press. For example: hoods/horns, drops, aerobars, standing, …do mountain bikers do many different positions on the trainer?

Of course the metric @Nate_Pearson often hammers is: does it actually help make you faster? I think the answer is a firm yes. If you are spending part of your season getting used to holding a particular position for extended periods of time, graphs to track “position interval length” and “position time accrued” help you make decisions on the micro scale (how long should my aero intervals be this time?) and on the macro scale (am I on target to be comfortable in this position for an appropriate duration by race day?). It can identify problems with fit (for example by connecting position compliance and power zone, to identify if you can hold your race position at race intensity) and possibly signal impending injury (if your interval durations start declining).

Although being able to fully automate tracking with Leomo is nice, the real goldmine (IMO) is presenting the information (however it was gathered) in a clear, actionable way - which seems like TrainerRoad’s real strength.