User Interface choices would be great

It would be nice if we had some choices in the user interface. I know TR has the same interface for 2 decades but it’s been 2 frickin decades!
Please give us some choices in our interface:

  1. first and foremost, the data.
    Some people like data and some don’t. Some want to not see their HR and some don’t. Some want to see power and some like to see % of ftp. And some want to see if all. Give us the choice to see which data we want to see. If I want to fill up half my screen with 12 boxes of data, or just 1, I should have that choice. Like the Garmin screen, it should be customizable.

  2. we get it, you like blue bars. But what if I like green on St Patty day or red/white/blue for Memorial Day?
    -Give me the choice to change my interval colors.
    -Give me the choice to change the background color
    -Give me the choice to change text color and size
    -Give me the choice to have the elapsed portion of the interval be a different color than the portion left instead of a long yellow line.
    -Give me the choice of having color change with intensity like Zwift.

  3. I’m not sure if it’s difficult. But along with the color choices, why not have some fun? Add seasonal and holiday themes. Hang some Xmas lights in the interval edges for Xmas, flying witches and Halloween colors for Halloween, confetti when finishing intervals on New Years, US flag intervals for Independence Day, Giro/TdF/Vuelta colors during those races, etc.

I think those kinds of things sell more to the younger crowd as well.

Just a few thoughts while I was suffering through intervals today.


Please don’t do any of these suggestions and focus on things that you have identified as important for making the product better.

This stuff in other saas apps is trivial nonsense that dilutes focus on the hard things.


Addition one would be a good thing to add. Colors I don’t really care about.

not sure if joking or trolling. you can hide HR in the mobile app already. two decades is 20 years by the way. pretty sure the guys aren’t that old yet. agree with @KevinKlaes here, focus on the important stuff and leave the rest as is. The product works with the interface we have now and if you want more or other data screens why not just mount your garmin next to your screen on which you use TR. I’m not against customizable Data Fields. The rest is just… wut?

Not joking.

All the hardcore serious cyclists can choose traditional views. However you underestimate the power of visual appeal to those that aren’t serious. Just ask any young person to pick between a Mustang and a Camry. Right now, TR’s image is a Buick.

Anyways, having color choices is not that hard to program. But at least having customizable data fields, would be great.

Keep in mind these ideas came up during intervals. Some of us do mental math to pass the time, some of us think about TR app design. Either way, the mind can go to some weird places when we dig deep.

I don’t see anything wrong with adding user selectable data fields as OP describes. Regarding color: there is something called corporate identity. The design language should be coherent troughout the product/brand. Coherent design strengthens brand recognition. Different colors undermines that. The other ideas… maybe decorate your paincave if you fancy?

The design we currently have clearly isn’t holding TR or it’s users back and I’m sure they are putting the ressources where it matters. Good design is probably somewhat subjective. I like the no bullshit approach, others fancy some animations. Agree to disagree

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Joking aside, I’m with you here. Some more data customization would be welcome, but we don’t need a bunch of flair.