Triathlon workouts - extra data

Hey TR team-

So being in a 70.3 triathlon plan for about a whole week (!) already, I’ve thought of a few additions to add to the recording of running workouts.

Example, today I did this training:
Base run + speed intervalls
Run 40min Easy-Moderate, RPE6 and randomly insert a couple more 30s bursts of high speed, RPE9 for a total of 8 this week. Separate them by at least 1 minute of regular-pace running between bursts.


  • Add option to input the distance covered in the workout
  • Add option to input the amount of bursts done, keeping track of it over the week (see workout description)

I’ve got to say I’m very happy about TR so far! Taking out the planning of workouts and only asking me to execute them, makes life so much easier :smile:


Thanks for your suggestion. I swapped your post into “TrainerRoad Software” and added the “feature-request” tag, since you are effectively making a Feature Request. That is the preferred approach for suggesting changes and improvements to any part of the TR service and app.