Feature Request - Import/Sync with Training Peaks

Love the new calendar feature. I also have this sync request. My coach is a Training Peaks loyalist… Although TR is catching up, it’s still not as friendly or full featured as TP for coaching. A sync option would be great and might actually appeal to many coaches (as would custom plans in TR - which might win over some coaches and their athletes).

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I am a coach. My athlete is a triathlete and I have her doing her bike workouts in TrainerRoad. I use Training Peaks to manage her workouts across all 3 disciplines, plus cross-training and strength. I would like the ability to push her TR plan into TP so all planned workouts are in one place and all actual against that plan are in one place. TR, Strava and Garmin sync into TP, so the actual go where they’re supposed to, but it would be great if TR could export the bike plan so I can import to TP…I don’t need it to be a live connection, just want to get that plan into the overall athlete calendar.

Is there a way?

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I don’t know of a way to do this.

Some new functionality to address some of these requests:

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I had missed this update during the course of the year. I just found out about it. I note on the main support page it says TR will pull in workouts from TP two days in advance.

My main question - having just created the sync, is there a way to pull in this evenings workout now, or do I still need to create it manually in the workout creator?

Finally, if adjustments are made to the TP workout, how dynamically does that get updated in TR? It is a one time sync 2 days out, and any changes will then be lost? If there are minor changes, is there a way for these to be tweaked manually in the workout creator, using the base template of the workout that was sync’d initially?


Yo! I think you can export your Training Peaks workouts as a .erg file and upload manually in TrainerRoad if you don’t wan to wait for the sync to take place, I found these steps:

Thanks. In the end they did pull through a few hours later, so last night’s workout was sorted.

Still intrigued to know about any amendments to TP workout structure, and if there’s any checking behind the scenes on the TR side with the updated workout pulled in if things do change?

there is a super easy “Pull Workouts” Button, so one minute after creation in TP you can push it to TR! :wink:


Sorry can you expand upon this question a bit? Happy to check with the team to provide the best answer possible, just not sure what you mean here.

Same question here. Scenario:

  • workout is in TP
  • an hour before ride I review the workout
  • it starts raining or I run out of time, and I make the decision to ride indoors
  • I make changes to the workout
  • when will it sync to TR?

Of course a trip to the Ride Sync page and I can manually trigger the sync. But my Garmin syncs it automagically.

If I complete an outdoor ride it syncs to TR. Pull it up in TR and the ride’s name is “Afternoon Ride” so I go to Strava and change name to “Wed night worlds” and the new name automagically syncs to TR within seconds.

@bbarrera the reason TP is able to sync directly to Garmin is due to the way their integration is set up. Since the activity integration is set so TP “Pushes” things to Garmin, they know exactly when to push any updates.

The integration we have setup is a “Pull” integration, so we need to request activities and updates from TP. Since we don’t know when updates are made we are unable to get things right away. We have several bulk pulls we do a day, but also offer the ability to manually pull updates or new activities via the Ride-Sync page.

This is also the same reason Strava names push over. This is set up as a “Push” API integration as well, so Strava will ship the updated name as soon as it is updated.

We do have plans to come up with a more creative way to pull updates more frequently, but this isn’t being prioritized currently since there is a way to manually pull these.


@bnied thanks for confirming what I believed was the issue. It’s a minor hassle pulling up Ride Sync on the webpage. Unless I missed it, the beta app doesn’t have a pull button. Again not a big deal.

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That’s a good thought on adding things to that section of the app. That could be a good stop-gap for things.

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Genuinely hadn’t spotted this button appear after I synced Training Peaks to Trainerroad. Thanks for directing me to it! Fairly obvious now I see it!

It would be good to have the option either in the desktop or mobile app to have a “pull trigger”.

in the new android beta it’s availabe, but think they redirect it to open with the browser on Handy/Tablet!