Feature request/idea: plan builder include discipline description

I’m starting a new plan (had too long of a break due to life to drop back into current) and have thought it would be good when selecting not training for an event option you choose what type of training you’re doing and you get a description of what you’re going to be focusing on.

Not lots of text but similar to the base/build/speciality options you get a brief bit talking about steady power or sprint or whatever that block focuses on.

Hey welcome back!
That makes sense, but while that would look like really short titles for some plans, many others would look like ‘Short power but with repeatability and also sub-threshold’ instead of just saying ‘cyclocross’ for example, and would get kinda messy. There are too many variations of focus areas for a lot of these blocks unfortunately to keep it short in text, which is why we really get into it in the ‘weekly tips’ and such.
Hope this helps clear that up!