Plan builder for weekend warrior

I’m not saying the training plans should be any different but any chance the plan builder could ask if you’re a weekend warrior or racer? Those of us who don’t race don’t really know what type of riding the different races are so hard to figure out what options to pick. Seems like it could be different wording for the same thing as what racers pick on the backend so just a ui change.

Less of a need to peak for a race as at least for me just want to be faster at group rides in general though usually have longer century rides towards the fall

I know there was this request from awhile ago, but to me I don’t think the training plan has to actually be different Feature request: "Weekend Warrior" volume training plans

I don’t race much (maybe 1-2 races a year, and I only do them as “events”) but what I do is look at the kind of century/sportive/group ride I want to do and choose spec based on that.

Around here, it’s all rollers. No climb is ever more than 20 minutes or so, so General Build/Rolling Road race works for me. Even if I’m not racing, I want to do the specialty phase just because it sharpens me up on a group ride when I need or want to go hard. It also breaks up the “boredom” of bouncing back and forth between base/build on repeat.

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