How to handle "plan builder" and change of events?


I added 4 events for next year, and used plan builder to build a plan around those events. Works well, but now, I want to potentially add a 5th event, which is towards the end of the year, and after the finish of my first plan, can I add this event to my current plan or do I just use plan builder again from the date my first plan ends to for example end of 2021?

Also, while looking at this, I was wondering, what happens if I decide to drop one of my races, is there a way for my to tell plan builder that? I cannot seem to find where I can easily see a list of all my races?

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Find the race in your calendar, delete it, and I believe Plan Builder will ask if you want to reconfigure your plan accordingly.

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If you drop an event from your plan or change the date of an event in the plan then that will offer you the option to update/adjust your plan to take those changes into account.

On the end of year event, the plan builder works up to your final A race from when you configured the plan. General consensus from previous discussion on this is just to start another plan from the end date of your final A race in current plan.

It is also possible to do it by deleting your plan and then starting again with the plan start date set at when you actually began the current plan. This will keep all your completed workouts up to now and (from some experience of this) probably give you pretty much the same output in the future plus also run up to your final event in 2021. Try playing about with it a bit - worth noting that an event can only appear in any one plan once - so if you want to do the whole plan to end 2021 in preview you do need to delete your current plan first.

thanks guys, will try it out.