Fatigue During Specialty Phase

Hey all,
I’ve been using TR for about 2 years with a few starts and stops with the training plans over that time. In October I buckled down and started a new Plan Builder Plan - Sweet Spot Base LV (I and II), Sustained Power Build, and started a Rolling Road Race Specialty phase a couple weeks ago. I’ve noticed a distinct in increase in fatigue since I started my Specialty phase, and at the same time have had an increase in stress at work. I did Julius Caesar +1 on Saturday and while I finished it, it was pretty much a struggle all the way through. Rest and nutrition have pretty much been constant over the last few months… My question is - has anyone else experienced an increase in fatigue during Specialty? I don’t know if I can attribute my lack of energy to training, work, or maybe some of both.

Any comments on your experience is appreciated.


I have a very similar training experience - speciality phase is where I always struggle.

I have a similar training history. I started using TR about 4 years ago, but very on and off - only done it seriously for about 2 years.

I really enjoy the sweetspot base, and dont seem to have much difficulty completeing workouts, and my FTP typically increases.

But as soon as I get to speciality, I struggle to complete workouts, i feel more tired, and my motivation also suffers. My FTP often drops. I notice in the podcast they do talk about how FTP often stagnates or can drop during this period.

I only do low-volume plans, but complement this with x3 runs per week, x2 long (2-5 hour) outdoor rides, and x3 strength sessions each week - for a total of 10-12 hours training a week.

I think speciality is just harder. For me - i usually choose a road race plan - my speciality phase is a lot of VO2 max and threshold work - and it is just simply harder than the sweetspot work. I long for a sweetspot workout during these times!

Also interested to hear others experiences.

It’s a specialty phase. The intensity goes up. Something else has to give.

I don’t think you can expect to specialise effectively if you’re still doing the same amount of non-specific off-the-bike training.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I don’t do any workouts other than TR, but maybe my age (55) lends itself to a larger fatigue factor at this point. I’ve been able to complete all the workouts, but Julius Caesar +1 was a struggle. Today’s workout is Norragard and I’ll see how it goes.