Altering my Build phase for long rides

Although I’ve seen an uptick in overall power with TR, I notice my body can’t seem to adjust when I do random long rides 80+ miles. I’m not tired per se, but I get knee pain and other ailments that I never had in may past “get as many miles as possible” training. I’m adding 80-120mile endurance rides on Sunday since my primary goals are long races and am wondering which days to adjust to balance the TSS?

Just replace the Sunday sweet spot rides with your endurance ride. The goals of both are the same, the endurance ride is just the less time efficient way of doing it. But doing the super long Z2 ride has many advantages you can’t get by just cramming a ton of sweet spot into a 2 hour block.


That’s my usual go-to when doing 3 hour outdoor rides, but I’m ramping it up to longer rides that will probably be more TSS than the Saturday and Sunday put together. Like this weekend I’m doing a 100 mile gravel ride and don’t want to be dead from Saturday.

TSS is a possible explanation, but I wouldn’t rule out something related to bike fit. How confident are you in your set up?

Pro bike fit I’ve been using numbers with for 5 years…

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This has been my normal routine since starting TR in December. I do most of my rides indoors and then on Saturday I do the local big group ride for race simulation and I tack on an extra 2-3hrs of endurance riding, putting me at 4-5 hours, Sunday I usually do the TR SS workout and then tack on an extra 1-1.5hrs endurance.

I’ve not noticed any new issues from moving much of my training indoors. I do have to be cognizant to regularly roll out my quads as I have always had a tendency for my quads to get really tight and push my patella out of wack resulting in “runners knee”. The intensity of the TR Build phase certainly can lead to this, but do the same workouts outdoors and I get the same issue.

Do you do anything to look for/address the common quad-centric over use injuries?

Interesting… I may have to break off t the foam roller more often.