DIfficulty with specialty part of the training plan

I started following the Rolling Road race plan in July of this year. My ftp results are as follows:
238 - 246 - 258 - 280 - 280.

I have been able to complete all of the workouts, until the specialty phase (current).
I can usually get through about 1/2 to 3/4 of the workout before I am no longer able to continue.

I have tried reducing the workout intensity by as much as 5%, but I still am unable to finish them. This is my second week of the Specialty phase.

I am not sure how to best address this.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you’ve been training nonstop since July, your body is telling you it’s off-season time.

That makes sense. This is my first time following a structured plan and I didn’t think of this.

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I had a similar issue with 40k TT Specialty. Had been charging along since April and got a couple weeks into specialty performing incredibly well. Then I got sick (not Covid) and came back to a major struggle/plummeting motivation. So I took a week off then reset back to Traditional Base (first time with TB-usually do SSB) and have found my motivation again. In the last work week of TB II now and feel fantastic, body is responding really well. If you haven’t done TB before I would say switch things up after some time off. Great way to hit the reset button.


Were you doing low, mid, or high volume?

I did MV base and build (sustained) and was a bit overcooked (I am 59 years old BTW). So I reduced to LV for specialty (40K TT) and smashed all the workouts following an increase of 5% in my FTP just before the specialty.

So if you were doing medium or high, maybe try switching to low for specialty.

I found rolling road race MV to be a BRUTE after a couple weeks in. I think it was “Guards” that just wrecked me.

I’m doing mid volume. I will try the low volume instead, see if that helps. Thanks.