Observations After 5 Wks of TR

I just completed my first 5-weeks on TR. Its been a great experience so far. For what it’s worth, here are my observations. I’m doing the Base Phase Mid Vol I (headed into the recovery week) then on to Vol II. After that, not sure yet.

  • The workouts were easier than expected. Does it matter that I did my FTP on an old bike and am now training on a good road bike?
  • The off-bike fatigue was more than expected. I’ve been more tired in-between rides.
  • Spinning at a higher RPM as a priority surprised me. I can’t explain why, but I’ve been riding for 3 years with an emphasis on higher gears, thinking it would make me stronger. Sure, I usually go low-gear when sprinting uphill most of my time is in the big chain ring.
  • I enjoy spinning at higher RPM.
  • Its more fun staring at the numbers on the TR interface than expected.
  • It is very difficult for me to modulate my power when small incremental changes are required. I spike more than desired. Improving.
  • I need more sleep!
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Maybe. Might depend on exactly how you are getting your power data.

Co-incidentally I have just posted on another thread where a guy says he has never used TR because he doesn’t like the interface.

You didnt think you would like it but have changed your mind. That is a much better mindset to be in.
If you are feeling tired in between rides it sounds like you are working hard despite feeling the workouts are easy.

Well done and keep up the good work.

The workouts will get harder, don’t worry. There’s some surprisingly vicious ones in part 2 of sweet spot base.
Are you fuelling your workouts enough? You might be surprised how many calories you’re burning. A snack before, an energy drink during, and a recovery shake after can make a world of difference to how you feel the rest of the day and the day after.

It sounds from this like you don’t have a smart trainer, or if you do, you’re not using erg mode. For that reason I suggest doing a 20min or 2x8min test to determine your FTP rather than a ramp test when you start your next block of training.

Can you expand on the reasoning behind this recommendation?

Just that if he doesn’t have erg mode as an option, I would say that “maximal effort over x minutes” is an easier test to complete accurately and without excessive Cognitive Load™ than “match this wattage that changes every minute”.

I’ve been wondering about this as well. Caveat: I just started TR and pretty much knew my FTP coming in and have yet to conduct a ramp test. If one doesn’t have ERG mode then isn’t it possible to overshoot/undershoot some of the “non-essential” earlier climbing steps that thereby would influence what was left in the tank for those final 60 seconds which the predicted FTP in the ramp test is based upon? Wouldn’t it be a less subjective test for users without ERG mode to perform the steady-state based 8’ or 20’ tests?

Plus the OP said: “It is very difficult for me to modulate my power when small incremental changes are required.”

Wow, thanks for the feedback, everyone! It’s much appreciated.

I’m using a dumb trainer with sensors on my bike :frowning:

Definitely still working hard most of the time. Some of the more recent workouts where tough but not too hard. Its the cumulative stress I feel. Headed into the recovery week and glad about it. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks.

Thanks for the input, Martin. Funny you ask this question because the answer is NO. Honestly, outside I over-eat. It’s hard to explain but I really enjoy chowing on the bike! Indoor its almost the opposite. I don’t eat at all. Only water. Just last week after a TR auto msg from Chad I started eating a little. I’m going to continue increase my fueling. I was, however, using a soy powder as a recovery drink on the harder days.

Good call! Correct. I’m using sensors on a dumb trainer. Low tech here. Is it expected to do a new FTP every six weeks or no? I was thinking about doing another one on the good bike (Specialized Roubaix Comp vs. a Surely Long Haul Trucker that is badly shark toothing). I may try the 20 min FTP test but not sure. If things get much harder maybe I should just keep going based on the current estimated FTP?

With that, assuming that you have a different rear tire (and possibly tube), you may well get different results since you are using Virtual Power. That is highly open to influence with the particular tire used. Some roll fast, slow, and otherwise. So, unless you use exactly the same tire, you may well want to redo your FTP test and get that set via the “new” equipment you are using on the trainer.