Fasted training - confused by too much info. Should I eat after?

Hey guys,

I’ll be starting my first proper training plan with TR on Monday next week.
I did the build me up plan on zwift at the beginning of the year and went from FTP 205 to 235.

I’ve been trying intermittent fasting for the past year with good results (weight loss, from 78kg to 73) and also did some fasted rides on zwift without thinking much about it.

I read through a bit of the other thread but I am now more confused than before.
To state it clearly, I do not race - I just want to become overall fitter, quicker on the mountains and enjoy riding.

I’ll be following a 16/8 protocol as best as I can, I’m not too religious about my diet - I generally eat quite healthy but there may be dinners with or without carbs.

I’ll probably do a few trainings fasted in the morning - but what should I do after the session? Drink some kind of recovery drink (eg SiS) or eat, or keep on fasting until lunch time and just follow my normal 16/8?

Curious about what you guys think here…

Thanks for your input!

This may help;



This leads me to the following strategy:

Try to do continuous 16/8 as best as I can.

I’ll do the easy workouts in the morning fasted, while I’ll do the more higher intensity workouts in the evening we’ll fueled.

So, two questions remain then (for now):
What is considered “low intensity”? Sessions below a certain TSS? Where should I draw this line?

He hasn’t addressed my question regarding should I continue to fast after the session until lunch or should I consume something right after the training session?

Zone 2

If you want to lose weight, continue your fast. If you are working out again later in the day you’ll need to replenish glycogen stores, so eat immediately. Recovery shakes/drinks are not normally needed and a healthy balanced meal at some point after your workout should suffice. Unless you will be working out again in a few hours then a recovery drink is probably the best way to go.

Thanks - not sure if there’s many zone 2 workouts in the SS Base Plan but I’ll see. I’ll just do the ones marked “easy” and the moderate ones with lower TSS fasted.

Another point he didn’t mention in the video was weight loss.
I’m not looking to get max performance on “race day” but also want to lose weight - so maxing out ftp gainz isn’t too priority, I also want to lose weight.

Thanks for the advice, let me know if you have any further thoughts!

Edit: just checked my plan - there is only one easy session per week with zone 2 efforts. That would mean that I’d be doing only one fasted workout per week in the morning… Not sure if that’s often enough to have any effect?

Look in the Week Tips, and the last section will discuss the “long and slow” option compared to the default SS version that is placed on the calendar. There is at least one, and sometimes two, workouts listed for you that are all in the Z2 Endurance range.

For clarity, this is for Mid Volume on the default Sunday workouts (since Low Volume does not include a Sunday workout).


In a 16 hour fast a workout in the morning is low in liver glycogen but not muscle glycogen. If your goal is fat adaption this isn’t likely to help that much. If its just calorie restriction and you aren’t doing two a days just delay food until lunch

If I’m doing Z2 I will sometimes do it fasted, whether its on the trainer or a super casual ride outside with some friends. For any kind of intensity I eat.