Continuing fast post fasted ride

I’ve got a question about fasted rides. I’ve been doing them quite a bit lately, and feel like I’m seeing some benefits. I’ve also been fasting on non training days, or days that I train later in the day at high intensity until lunch time. The fasting seems much easier than simply eating less to me for some reason.

If I was to finish a fasted ride after 9 hours of fasting, would there be any harm in continuing to fast 4-6 or more? I’ve been finding 16 hours seems reasonable to me, and dont find the hours after the ride unbearable.

My only goal in this sort of pre base phase is to burn some fat. Once I start SSB in a few weeks I plan to fit 1 or 2 fasted rides in a week, but far less regular.

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I thought this was an interesting question - I have no research on this at all, just personal experience (so certainly take that with a grain of salt). I generally train fasted for 3-4 rides a week (anything under sweet spot, no matter the duration) and then won’t rush to eat anything after, which can often mean waiting ~2+ hours to eat after a long ride. The other day for example I did a fasted 2.5 hour ride (Goodale, 2200 kCal) and then waited to eat for 2.5 hours, and everything seemed fine. I don’t fast on high intensity days, but find that training this way has really helped my ability to ride long distances outdoors without as much reliance on carbs. TBC - this isn’t some magical “fat adapted is the true way” pitch, but it just has simplified my training and riding to not have to pack a grocery store in my jersey pockets every time I head out, or have a 3hr ride accidentally turn into 4hr due to a wrong turn and then be worrying / struggling to make it home.

I can’t say I see any performance benefits at all (that is, speed / power) but it’s certainly simplified my training to not have to worry about pre ride fueling (on the bike by 5AM most days) and I do like the ability to finish a ride and be able to take my time an deat eventually rather than have to immediately storm the kitchen.

Thanks! really helpful. I think the flexibility around food on rides (especially easier ones) and not need to load up on carbs will be a good benefit for me, on top of the weightloss. Being a CX centric rider, ive found it hard not to continue the reliance on carbs through the rest of the year, so I think its a good shock to the system. I’ve been doing all these rides on the trainer, and havent smelt any amonia on my breath or anything yet (although have when under-fueling on rides before with more intensity), so I dont think i’m seeing any issues with it.

Look forward to seeing you out there this year. I’ll do my best to recognize you in a new kit!


You too! Although this latest dump of snow makes the racing season seem even farther away…