Failed first workout after FTP test...repeat week 1?

This seems to happen to me maybe not every time but often. I get a modest bump in FTP and the first workout after is what I would call an abject failure. Today’s workout was Dade +1. I made it through the first two sets with the last rep being hard but manageable. But when I had to try to start the third set my legs just did not want to turn over.

In the past, I’ve just repeated week 1. It seems like the second time I try the workout ( a week later) I can complete it. Is this a logical approach? Would it be better to lower the intensity for week 1 knowing that this happens? Or maybe just go on to week 2 and see what happens?

Any input appreciated.

Dade +1 is hard. I looked back to my General Build program from last year and it was the first workout after a ramp test. I had to reduce the intensity a couple percent to get through the last two intervals.
Generally, my first workout or two after a ramp test are the most difficult…I think it’s just part of adjusting to the higher FTP and the greater demand you’re putting on your body.
So, what I normally do is see how the first 1-2 intervals go. If it feels rough and I know I won’t be able to finish the workout, I adjust the intensity down 2% and see if that works. If it still feels like too much, I’ll adjust down 3 % more (5% total) and try to get through it. If that doesn’t work I pull the plug and come back another day. Usually I can get through the workout with the intensity reduction and then the rest of the plan works out fine as I adjust to the greater workload.