Export Training Plan to Polar Flow and Import Polar Flow Activities to TR

Hi all,
Since I primarily use a Polar Vantage V for outdoor trainings, I was wondering if you were aware of A) any plans to automatically sync activities from Polar Flow to TR similar to Garmin Connect?
The thing is that the Vantage V has built in Power Sensor for Running and on the way syncing to Strava this information seems the get lost (at least in my case), which is a pity when trying to control training via power/stress.

And B) as far as I know, Polar is pretty closed in terms of getting data into their Ecosystem, nevertheless, it would be incredibly awesome to export a training plan into the Polar Flow World directly to a Polar watch (e.g. bike, swim, run) similar to what I have read about Garmin connect (export trainings directly to the Garmin wearables).
This would enable using the Flow platform for recovery tracking, whereas Trainer Road for Training Planning and Indoor Trainer Control.
I doubt that this is happening anytime soon with Polars Politics, but I’ll ask anyway :slight_smile:
Although I prefer not to, I’m really considering buying a Garmin Watch to have better integration.

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Unfortunately, Polar integration is not in the pipeline at the moment :pensive:.

For a fully integrated experience, a Garmin watch will definitely be your best option. I personally use the Forerunner 945 and the new outside workouts feature works very well and the app syncs quickly and easily post-workout.