Importing workout data/files from other sources into TrainerRoad

I just signed up for TR. I really like the Calendar and some of the other features of training and workout tracking, compared to other apps (Strava, Polar Flow). I would like to be able to import training results from those sources (really just Polar Flow, which has a .tcx export option) so I can have things in one place. But I can’t seem to figure out how to do that in the software. I can input basics of a workout manually, but that doesn’t contain any HR/time/speed data (and it’s tedious). Is this possible?

Have you read this support article?

If that doesn’t help, contact support and ask for help!

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I did read that, but took it to mean it only applied to cycling workouts (not running workouts). I’ll email support and see what they say.

my understanding is that import of swims and runs is coming, best to contact support to provide your input and get an update on latest info.

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Hey all!

Importing Runs and Swims are very high on our to-do list! They are on the backburner for now as we work to bring the Calendar planning features into the desktop and mobile applications, but this feature is a high priority on our Development Roadmap.

If you’d like to throw your support behind this feature, feel free to throw a +1 into our feature request thread :slight_smile:.