Integrate Polar Flow and my activities with TR?

Hello, I wondered if my activities will or can be integrated with TR. I only have the ‘trainnow’ function if I want to change my schedule. With the AI you should think this is an interesting addon for your trainingsplan, like a rest day or a lesser tough training.

Not sure it covers your particular question, but there is an existing Polar Flow topic that is worth a look:

Hey! @mcneese.chad directed you to the right thread on where we stand re: Polar integration, but I want to make sure I understand your feature request, as there may be some updates moving forward that help meet your needs!

  • Would you say your request is for Adaptive Training to respond to heart rate data in the way it does to power data?
  • Are you looking for a feature that considers a fixed HR value that Polar Flow produces when making adaptations? Or for TrainerRoad to take HR data just as BPM and interpret it individually to make recommendations?

Let me know so I can better communicate this to the team! Thanks in advance.

Yes read it it was a topic from april 20 I thought there might be progressions made with Polar. But Garmin is the solution if you want to integrate the other daily activities. With AI in place now in TR data from Polar should be usefull I think.