Export TR workouts for execution elsewhere [Feature Request]

I’m sure this comes up often, but maybe it needs a re-birth. I have flirted with using TrainerRoad many times, but the thing that keeps stopping me from sticking with it, is not being able to execute the workouts on a virtual cycling platform, in my case, indieVelo. I know there’s a hacky workaround with Zwift where you can run TR and pair only the PM part of the trainer to Zwift, but that is not possible with indieVelo and even if it was, I wouldn’t want to do it, as indieVelo has amazing in built ERG control mechanisms (smoothing between intervals, anti-spiral of death mechanics).

I think this is down to TRs view of their workouts as IP… but even if this is the case, indieVelo allows for direct sync of workouts in to the platform (it currently works with Training Peaks and intervals.icu) so in that scenario, you wouldn’t get direct access to the workout files anyway.

I just find it frustrating when something relatively minor and resolvable stops me giving a company money.

It will never happen because as you said it’s IP and they dont want to put work into a feature that drives users off platform.

you can do some hacky stuff with javascript and trainingpeaks though if you want to go that route.

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Going to address this same request in a different way.

Accepting that exporting workouts isn’t going to happen, could you please look in to integrating with indieVelo? They allow for integration of workouts from a third party (currently intervals.icu and TrainingPeaks) directly in to the platform (so that your workout for that day is executable), which means that the end user has no access to the actual workout file. That means it works the same as outside workouts, and there is no risk to the TR IP.

This would be a win/win for TR and iV.