Exclude interval from records (feature request)

Rather than exclude a whole workout from records is it possible to just exclude an interval?
Todays workout seemed to have a bad PM calibration so I recalibrated half way through. I created an interval for both parts of workout and wondered if rather than exclude whole workout from records can I just exclude one interval?
Is it also possible to see a power curve for an interval rather than a whole workout?
If not, could these be included in any upcoming updates?

This is not possible at this time :pensive:. That being said, I think this could be a useful improvement, so I will share it with the team for future consideration :+1:

This is also not possible, but could you elaborate what information you are looking to gather from this type of Power Curve? Most intervals are a constant power level, so a power curve for a specific interval would just be completely flat for the duration of the interval. For example, if the Target Power was 300 watts for 5 minutes, then the power curve would just be a flat 300 watts for 5 minutes, after which it would drop to zero.

Thanks again for the suggestions, we are always looking to learn and improve based on user feedback :slight_smile:

It is possible to delete the first part of a ride in Strava; I’ve done it. (I have a Strava subscription, so I don’t know if you can do this without a subscription.) Once you have done that, you can export the data from Strava, delete your ride in TrainerRoad and re-import the Strava data. This is the best solution I’ve found so far. Further disclaimer: I know the Strava editing works for outside rides, but it may not work for trainer/turbo rides.

Hi Bryce, thanks for the reply. Perhaps interval wasn’t the best wording in regards to the power curve query but it’s what it’s called when you manually create an ‘interval’ based on a portion of a ride.
So for example if you’ve taken part in a multi lap race you might create an ‘interval’ for each lap. Being able to see a power curve just for each lap could be useful. In my instance, I was just wanting to see a power curve for the portion of my ride where my PM was properly calibrated. Hope this makes sense?

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Ah that does make more sense. I like the concept of being able to compare multiple laps :+1:

I’ll pass this onto the team as well :boom:

Thanks @Bryce

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